Marketing & Sales Executive at Sagardi Mexico

So… I moved to Mexico City!

After a whole year working for the wine & food industry, organizing loads of events and improving my knowledge in the field, what better than a restaurant to implement all of that?

SAGARDI Basque Country Chefs was my final choice. SAGARDI Group just opened their first restaurant in Mexico last December, and I´ve worked for them ever since, taking care of the Commercial Department, basically in charge of event planning and brand strategy.

“Grupo SAGARDI” owns more than 30 restaurants in five different countries, and keeps growing, which means it´s a perfect chance for me to learn and grow both in professional and personal terms.

Some of the events I organized so far:

Los Angeles Tourism Offices dinner with their main clients in Mexico, Hertzs corporative event of the year, Grandes Pagos de Españas wine pairing, tasting and Master Class day, Australian Trade Commissions cocktail with their Mexican partners, or the World Tapas Day Mexico 2017.





But event planning is just one of the things I do here… I also take care of online and offline promotion, booking management platforms, or our “Txapeldun” associate community.

Working in a restaurant is so much fun, as you can be both doing office work while networking with clients!


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