Internationalization Project

Something that always worried me was the fact that I wanted to feel my contribution to a better World through my job. It could sound pretty absurd, but I always wanted to work for a company sharing my own values and allowing me to collaborate in pursuing tough tasks, like making a 2.5 million inhabitants region known all over the World.

OK, spreading the word about how awesome the Basque Country is has nothing to do with changing the World, but it has to do with my favourite quote:

If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.

I heard about the Program the Basque Government was carrying out before being an actual part of it. Thanks to it some young people were travelling around the World helping our companies with their growth and establishment in new markets. For someone with a traveller soul like me, I often dreamt about it, and this dream came true on June 2015.

And after taking so many exams (English, French, culture, psycho,…) as well as an express Master Degree in Foreign Trade, I moved to Toronto, from where I write this post.

But first of all, let me talk about a project I was involved in during my time in the Basque Country, when I decided to work as a volunteer for the creation of the “Guide of Internationalization services” for the recently created Basque Consortium, as you can see in the following link: RAQUELguiabc

Now I work for the Spanish Embassy, at the Trade Commission of Spain downtown Toronto, where I do community management for both its Facebook and Twitter, and I also write on our blog. I´m part of the Wines from Spain team as well as of the Industrial one.


For Wines from Spain, besides community management, I do event planning, from the creative side on how to promote them or what we want to transmit by attending them to the practical one about contacting outsourcing companies and planning the setting up. 

You can take a look at a video one of our suppliers uploaded here.

You can also read about the biggest event I planned during my year here (it´s in Spanish though!): read it.

References of Pilar Randolph, Head of Wines from Spain Canada, on LinkedIn:

Pilar Randolph

Wines from Spain – ICEX

March 17, 2017, Pilar managed Raquel directly

An extremely hard worker with an outstanding attitude and disposition, Raquel is an exemplary person to have on any team. She is not only able to work as part of a group but takes initiatives while respecting the parameters of her position. While working with us, she showed great creativity developing our social media and promotional material as well as proficiency in the required computer programs for daily work. As part of a department with multiple projects being developed at the same time, Raquel worked diligently on every one with dedication and flexibility, each an integral component for positive results. Interested in learning within the work environment she is also interested in learning about new places, cultures and people making her a well-rounded employee and person. Kind, energetic and thoughtful, Raquel is trustworthy and I highly recommend her.

On the other hand, regarding the Industrial sector, it is mainly analitics: doing market research on different sectors such as fluid handling or the iron and steel industry, to help Basque companies (Fluidex, Siderex, Lince…) enter and establish in the Canadian market.

Take a look at the Market Research on fluid handling I carried on here.

I also took part at the planning and execution of events regarding other sectors, such as Food from Spain (mainly Cheese from Spain) or Cinema from Spain, where I participated in the TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) in its 2016 Edition.

I´ll work here for a year, then I´ll move somewhere else with a Basque company to complete my 2-year-contract within this amazing project.

Who knows what tomorrow brings…


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