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I    L O V E  singing !

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If you want me happy, bring me to a Karaoke!

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I am P A S S I O N A T E about language teaching !

In fact, I love languages.  I speak fluently Spanish, Basque, English and French, Chinese is my next challenge (Currently dealing with that!).

Huong Do Thu

Senior Account Executive, Admicro – VCCorp

May 16, 2014, Huong was a client of Raquel’s

Rakel is the best Spanish teacher I’ve had. She has a way to explain things simply. Plus, she’s enthusiastic and dedicated at work. I highly recommend her.

Florence Derck

Post Sale Coordinator Christie’s London

June 30, 2014, Florence and Raquel were students together

Rakel was a wonderful teacher, I followed Spanish with her and I learned a lot in a very short time laps. Her interactive lessons were always professional, learning full and fun. Thanks to her I passed my Spanish test at Solvay business school.

Pavla Mandatova


September 26, 2014, Raquel was a client of Pavla’s

I enjoyed my Spanish classes with Raquel very much. Her teaching is very interactive and creative and she always has good explanations and examples at hand. She is also a very open and communicative person – in short, someone pleasure to learn with.


B E   Y O U R S E L F  ,   A L L    T H E   O T H E R S    A R E    A L R E A D Y    T A K E N


<<D I V E R S I T Y>>

I       A D O R E    being surrounded by people from different backgrounds, observing & asking & discussing with them

Some activities I have been involved in:

       TANDEM GROUPS “All those afternoons grabing a coffee while talking English around my city”

                           WORLD CITIES SUMMIT 2013 “A week with Ms Antonino Custodio, Mayor of General Santos, in The Philippines”

     VOLUNTEERSHIP WITH CHILDREN “Teaching Basque language to immigrant children in the Basque Country, for Luisa de Marillac Foundation, that was unforgettable”

                                         PRIVATE LANGUAGE TEACHING “I worked as an English teacher for so many years, but teaching Spanish abroad was even more enrichising”

COACHING SESSIONS “Getting to know oneself is the first step to success”

What I am currently doing…

GUITAR LESSONS – Something I always wanted, being able to play an instrument… learning to play the guitar is my new challenge!

  LEARNING CHINESE – I started during my Bachelors degree, I left it… and I am back again! Let´s rock it!



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