Creative marketer for IIABel

I must admit that, at first, it wasn´t my “dream job”, as the industry itself (Auditory) wasn´t attractive enough to raise the interest of a creative mind. I remember when Huong (my colleague through this adventure) and I were told to apply creative marketing strategies in the Institute of Internal Auditors of Belgium…

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Indeed. It was quite shocking for us. “Is there any link between Auditory & Creativity? Are they, in fact, compatible?”

Hopefully, everything changed with our arrival at the office. We met our mentor, CEO of IIABel, and we had a deep discussion about our job, strategy and objectives. And that became the starting point of what would be “one of the greatest challenges I have ever been involved in”.

As a result, we created a blog in which Huong and I explained some of the measures that, by the end of our “Exploreship”, were presented in front of the Board.


Take a look at IIABel Rock!


References on LinkedIn:

Pascal Stroobant

CEO at the Institute of Internal Auditors Belgium

June 4, 2014, Pascal was Raquel’s mentor

I’ve had the opportunity to have Rakel as part of a group working at IIA Belgium for the “Shadow Exploreship” of the Advance master in Creativity Marketing. I’ve appreciated her dedication and serious as well as her ability to think out of the box and to bring fresh ideas in a rather difficult product to learn and discover in so little time. She has invested a lot in understanding our challenges and her team’s ideas were so useful that some of them have been applied. Rakel has proven her ability to integrate in a (new) professional challenge.




2 thoughts on “Creative marketer for IIABel

  1. I had a chance to work in Rakel in the IIBel project for our internship. There are many good qualities about this cool partner, but I will give you the best thing about Rakel that I admire most: She is an effective genius. During our 6-month project, we did a number of brainstorming sessions which generated somehow “yellow” ideas and took me some time to consider; But Rakel could quickly came to a conclusion and made it happen in a short concentrated time. With this effective executive capability, I strongly believe that Rakel can add much value to your company as both a team player and team leader.

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