Community Manager for Territorio Creativo

Let´s be sincere, let´s be fair. Up to now, this has been the most exciting job I have ever had. The shortest also.

Quite shocking right? Everybody asks me the same question: “if it was sooo good, if you were sooo extremely happy, why did you quit it?” There is no answer to that. Or, at least, not an “objective” one. But first of all, let´s talk about my short but intense time there.

Kick-off day: 8th May 2015

Placement: Madrid (third move: Barcelona-Brussels-Madrid)

Everything started with my #TcWelcome. An image (or video in this case) is worth a thousand words. That video already shows something about this company: it´s not at all conventional, not at all traditional and not at all for “closed-minded” people.

I had the opportunity & honour to work “out-of-the-box”: in an extraordinarily open environment, full of knowledge, professionalism, youth and freedom. 30 days can be far more productive than they seem at first glance. From day 1. I was able to attend top meetings, get to know each and every aspect from the company I was working for, my colleagues, clients… everything was so transparent, so “flat”, without hierarchies.

Besides, I was so lucky, as I could join two completely different teams: the most creative one (no limits, just fun) and one of the most serious ones.

Their mantra?  #SOMOSRAROS (=WeAreWeird)

Their attitude on social media is just about fun (in a very creative way, though), so it tremendously impulsed my creativity. During my time there, I could take part in the management and launch of a highly controversial Twitter campaign, directly related to politics, which became a huge challenge, as we were launching polemical messages with the duty of keeping calm at the same time.

I love teaching, so being able to collaborate with a Foundation to teach children about road safety and prevention was an incredibly gratifying experience for me. During my time there, we worked on interactive books for scholars and a Summer Campaign to avoid road accidents involving kids in a drawing competition.


Something that I am already missing are Fridays there (even if I continue following them on Twitter: #TcDesayuno). Each Friday, Territorio Creativo hosts a guest: from TV presentors, to politicians, magicians, actors… they join the team for a couple of hours so that they can share their experience and inspire “tecerians” (employees from Tc).

I could attend four #TcDesayuno and in the most collaborative way, writing on the Blog about the talk.


So much to say about so little time… I should do a #TcHighlights, as they do monthly to summarize the last 30 days: May 2015.

Sin título

So… why did I quit the job? Could be that I am crazy, but I love new adventures, posing challenges to myself… and I am currently going through one new & exciting journey: working for the Government in order to help Basque companies to establish abroad and become international. 



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