Career services officer at SBS-EM

June 2014. I had already finished my “Exploreship” for IIABel. Actually my time as a student was coming to an end… So I decided to attend a coaching session to talk about my future, what led into a position for the University. Sounds weird but it was completely unexpected. I was looking for a job where to develop my French while applying my knowledge and skills, and I found it in the most original way!


<< I worked as a Career Services Officer for Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management from June the 2nd to September the 30th >>


What I liked the most from this job was, first of all, that I was acting as the “contact person” for students, students from all over the World, for what I was able to communicate in three languages (French, English and Spanish).

Secondly, I enjoyed the fact that every day was different. Even if I had some daily tasks to do, such as managing the documents for Internships, each day I could collaborate with something new, for instance, in tasks related to the launch of a new online platform: managing emailing tools, website design, database organisation, user guides preparation…

It was such an enriching experience, working in a multicultural young environment, within the education industry.

References from this job on LinkedIn:

Sarah Bigdeli Gilderdale

Head of Career Services, Université Libre de Bruxelles

October 6, 2014, Sarah managed Raquel directly

Raquel worked as a career services officer whilst completing her advanced master, juggling both challenges with success. She was always extremely professional, proactive, and happy to take on additional tasks. It was a pleasure working with her and I have no doubt she will do great in her future!



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